Baker Hughes and Twinza Oil partner to work offshore field near Papua New Guinea

Houston-based Baker Hughes, a GE company has an agreement with Twinza Oil Ltd., which is headquartered in Perth, Australia. The companies have a fullstream agreement, and Baker Hughes, a GE company will provide services and equipment to develop the Pasca A field in the Gulf of Papua.

More specifically, Baker Hughes will provide drilling services, wellheads, and pressure control equipment for the final appraisal well for the Pasca A condensate field, which will be drilled in the third quarter of 2017.

After drilling, the well will be suspended as a future development well, with the final investment decision to be made in 2018. Once the well moves into the development phase, Baker Hughes, a GE company will provide fullstream integrated gas processing solutions all the way through the export process. Baker Hughes will be able to provide Twinza Oil with subsea equipment, topside gas processing capabilities, gas compression and turbomachinery, and installation and commissioning services.

The Baker Hughes, a GE company and Twinza Oil deal is a prime example of the fullstream services that Baker can bring to the table. The president and chief executive officer of Baker Hughes, a GE company, Lorenzo Simonelli commented, “BHGE’s competitive advantage is its ability to serve customers across the entire oil and gas value chain, providing cutting-edge technology and proven expertise to maximize customers’ business profitability. This project with Twinza is one of the first times we can truly show the value of combining our legacy strength into one unique fullstream offering.”

Huw Evans, the chief executive officer of Twinza Oil, also spoke about the partnership, “Having a single point of contact and a complete offering for a complex project was one of the key reasons why we partnered with Baker Hughes, a GE company. With its fullstream capabilities, Baker Hughes, a GE company was able to propose a fully integrated services and equipment offering using a modular state of the art approach, high tech solutions and systems that ‘talk to each other’ for optimization. This greatly synergizes the execution of the project while reducing the integration risk if we had engaged several vendors for similar services and equipment.”

Papua New Guinea’s Pasca field will be the country’s first natural gas liquids development in the Gulf of Papua. The Pasca A project will produce condensate, liquid petroleum gas, and natural gas. By partnering with Baker Hughes, a GE company, the local Papua New Guinea workforce will gain valuable offshore knowledge and skills and thus boost their local economy.

Papua New Guinea will also be able to reduce their reliability on imported diesel fuel for power generation by using the liquid petroleum gas produced in the Pasca field.

Twinza Oil currently has a two-phase development plan for Pasca A. Phase I will be the production of natural gas liquids and the reinjection of dry gas, which will be exported in Phase II. Twinza Oil owns 100% of the Pasca A license.

Article written by HEI contributor Raymond Arrasmith.

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