Changing energy standards creates growth for Houston companies


The US leading shale oil production boom is occurring in the midst of new industry standards for the energy sector.  Consequently, the boom is taking place while the veterans of the industry are retiring.

Houston-based Flow-Cal Inc., a local energy software company is helping to fill the void of talent available during this transition.  According to CEO Mike Squyres, most energy companies are using outdated liquids measurement systems that date back decades, thanks to grandfathered statuses.  Squyres states, “Some companies still operate with measurements printed on paper, like the “Dark Ages,” he said. With the evolution of flow computers and more, the energy sector is slowly moving toward more industry-wide standards, such as those created by the American Petroleum Institute, with which Flow-Cal is a partner.”

Flow-Cal is one of many third-party energy software companies entering the market designed to meet API standards.  According to Squyres, software linked to uniform industry standards is only in its infancy for liquid hydrocarbons, it has mostly happened already with natural gas.

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