I want to be energy secretary: Sarah Palin

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Previous bad habit presidential campaigner Sarah Palin says she needs to be named energy secretary if Donald Trump is elected president. Sarah Palin is as of now claiming the occupation for herself and informing Trump of her interest via the media. Although, she’d like to run the Department of Energy for a brief period, before eliminating it.


This sounds promising. Aside from one small little hitch — it’s not clear she even comprehends what the office does. “I think a lot about the Department of Energy because energy is my baby: oil and gas and minerals, those things that God has dumped on this part of the Earth for mankind’s use instead of us relying on unfriendly foreign nations,” Palin told Jake Tapper on “Condition of the Union” Sunday.

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In any case, if the previous Alaskan govenor gets her way, she wouldn’t hold the position for long. Palin said she would dispose of the office and give the power back to the states.

“So, you know, if I were in charge of that, it would be a short-term job,” Palin stated. “But it would be — it would be really great to have someone who knows energy and is pro-responsible development to be in charge.”TSRlogo1

While the legislator and political reporter say she needs to head the Department of Energy, she may rather campaign to the Republican leader to serve as his secretary of interior, the office that handles energy improvement on government land.

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Trump said he might be interested in the thought of having Palin as part of his cabinet.

On “The Palin Update” in July, Trump stated, “She’s really somebody who knows what’s happening. She’s a special person. She’s really a special person. And I think people know that and she’s got a following that’s unbelievable.”

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