Images Released After Oil Rig Blaze in Gulf of Mexico

Images have been released of firefighting efforts in the Gulf of Mexico after an oil rig went ablaze yesterday causing four workers to abandon the platform.

The four workers evacuated the platform on board a life raft and were shortly after taken to safety by the Mary Wyatt Milano supply ship.

The fire which occurred around 2:30 am tore through Renaissance Offshore LLC’s ‘Ship Shoal 266 A’ platform before being extinguished at 5:50 am the same day.

Renaissance Offshore LLC released the following statement:

“At approximately 2:30am CST this morning, January 5, 2017, a fire broke out on the Ship Shoal 266 A platform owned by Renaissance Offshore, LLC.   Initial efforts were made by the crew to extinguish the fire, however the decision was made to discontinue those efforts and abandon the platform due to heavy smoke.”

“All four crew members onboard safely evacuated from the platform aboard a life raft and were recovered by a field vessel that had been dispatched to the location.  The crew has arrived safely onshore and it has been confirmed that they suffered no injuries.  The fire was completely extinguished at approximately 5:50 am CST.  Company and BSEE personnel boarded the platform at 1:45 pm CST this afternoon and confirmed the ignition source was extinguished and all hyrdocarbons are secure.”

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