New Drillbit by Halliburton promises greater performance and reliability for operators

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The last several years has seen huge changes in drilling technology, equipment, and practices that have both enabled operators to increase yield, work safer, and reduce costs. Today Halliburton announced a new robust drill bit that will result in both better performance and increased reliability, the GeoTech HE.

In recent years drillbits have been subjected to increasingly higher forces as operators attempt to get the most out of their equipment, often times these extra stresses challenge the traditional design and materials of commonly used bits. This has increased the potential for damage to the bit body material and its drill string connection.

The GeoTech HE is a high energy bit designed to function in these extremely stressful conditions. It utilizes a new matrix body design made up of a blend of advance alloys specifically formulated to increase strength and durability under high torsional and axial loads.

“The basis of the high energy product line is to allow operators to fully utilize the capacity of their rigs, of their motors, of their bottom hole assemblies, of their hydraulics to achieve the greatest rate of penetration and ultimately reduce their days on well” said a Halliburton spokesman.

In designing the bit, Halliburton deployed a global network of technical experts who worked directly with operators to optimize bit designs for specific applications and environments. This allowed a speedy development and significantly reduced the trial and error phase, which can be the lengthiest and most expensive part of development.

“We took a holistic approach” said the spokesman, who when describing the specific blend of materials within the bit said that they “are not just more erosion resistant but they are stronger and tougher. So that one, they prevent cracks and two, when a crack starts it mitigates the propagation of those cracks.”

An operator in the Williston Basin who helped test the GeoTech HE drillbit reported an increase in drilling speed and a decrease in the number of days to drill a lateral by 14%. “Since we’ve implemented the high energy connection and the proprietary milled blank we have seen zero failures or damage related to bit head or connection issues,” commented the Halliburton spokesman.

Article written by HEI contributor Kevin Abbott.

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