Nigerian militants continue to wreak havoc on oil companies

Chevron-oil-rig-on-fire-in-Nigeria-ERA (1)

Militants threaten to “review” their promise on casualties and sink tankers which operate within their region, providing a warning to all. The Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) also made it very clear that they’d make sure whole corporations were effected if they attempted to repair damages caused to assets.

General Mudoch Agbinibo of the NDA stated, “They should not undertake any repair of pipeline, oil and gas facilities that is damaged or attacked by our forces. If they refuse to heed our advice it will result in the sinking of their mother vessels as an example to others.” The group states these new conditions will be accepted if no further lose is wanted, including that of human lives. He continues, “The NDA High Command is restating our commitment to attack the interest of oil corporations and international refinery operators that bring in vessels to the Niger Delta territory to buy our oil.”

The NDA does not make these threats lightly, and has attacked several on oil and gas firms since January, going so far as to blow up Chevron’s Escravos terminal and its RMP 24 and RMP 23 wells. These attacks were followed by the reiteration of the no repair threat they previously gave: that repairs should not be initiated unless demands are fulfilled. NDA blew up Chevron’s Okan Valve platform after catching wind they were prepping for repair works.

May saw a serious of misfortunate events by the group, including the explosion of the Chevron well at Warri, the attack on an Italian pipeline and damage to a crude oil pipline by Eni. The NDA wants and demands to “free the people of the Niger Delta from environmental pollution, slavery and oppression,” according to their website. As they have the control, they rejected an offer of peace talks from the government last week.

Article written by HEI contributor Marcela Abarca.

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