Oil & gas expo in Galveston, TX off to a good start

Exhibitors at Roseland South Texas Showdown

Exhibitors at Roseland South Texas Showdown

Texas-based oil and gas trade show company Roseland kicked off their South Texas Showdown Wednesday at Moody Gardens in Galveston.

The company, owned by Eric Norton and Eric Jones, is one of the leading oil and gas expos in the US.

South Texas Showdown is the second of three trade shows installments the company is hosting in 2015. The first showcase, East Texas Showdown, took place earlier this year in Tyler, Texas. The third showcase, West Texas Showdown, will take place in Midland, TX in September.

Nominate someone today!

Nominate someone today!

Although the industry has seen its worst downturn since the 1980’s, many oil service providers and related companies are looking for a competitive edge and see Roseland events as a way to increase their exposure.

Charles D. Fator, President and CEO of Hanby PetroAnalysis, stated he attended the last showcase and was pleased with the business he originated. “We will also be exhibiting at the West Texas Showdown as well,” according to Fator.

To see photos from the event, click here.

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