Solar responsible for one in 50 new jobs in U.S last year


As the cost of solar panels declined, consumer demand increased causing solar jobs in America to grow at a “historic” pace in 2016, according to The Solar Foundation’s National Solar Jobs Census 2016.

The report – now in its seventh edition – discovered that the solar industry provided two percent of all jobs created in the U.S over the past year; solar jobs increased in 44 of the 50 states.

As of November 2016, 260,077 solar workers were employed by the industry, “representing a growth rate of 24.5 percent since November 2015.” Within the last year the solar industry provided more than one in every 50 new jobs created in the U.S.

“With a near tripling of solar jobs since 2010, the solar industry is an American success story that has created hundreds of thousands of well-paying jobs,” Andrea Luecke, president and executive director of The Solar Foundation, said in a statement.

“In 2016, we saw a dramatic increase in the solar workforce across the nation, thanks to a rapid decrease in the cost of solar panels and unprecedented consumer demand for solar installations,” Luecke added.

“More than ever, it’s clear that solar energy is a low-cost, reliable, super-abundant American energy source that is driving economic growth, strengthening businesses, and making our cities smarter and more resilient.”

California led the nation with the highest number of jobs in solar, with Massachusetts, Texas, Nevada and Florida growing in number of solar jobs as well.

“Solar is an important part of our ever expanding clean energy economy in Massachusetts, supporting thousands of high-skilled careers across the Commonwealth,” Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker said.

“Through the continued development of solar incentive programs, Massachusetts is positioned to double the amount of solar for half the cost to ratepayers and maintain our position as one of the best states in the country for energy diversity.”

The Solar Foundation’s results come from what it describes as “rigorous survey efforts.” Over half a million phone calls and more than 60,000 emails to both “known and potential energy establishments” across the U.S.

Article written by HEI contributor Lydia Ezeakor.

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1 Comment on "Solar responsible for one in 50 new jobs in U.S last year"

  1. Solar has a lot of problems, that no one talks about.
    The cost of solar panels have come down, mainly because they have found ways to manufacture them using less silver. This trend may not continue, as they cant find a viable alternative to silver yet.The biggest cost are battery’s, to store the power. Also not promising, lead acid is still the cheapest. Huge projects costs lots of money and yield little power, and zero at night, when its most needed. Small scale solar could compete with the grid. But who would be willing to pay for the grid, when you no longer use it?. Factories need cheap power, and solar will never power a steel mill.
    They are utterly dependent on the grid, It becomes a one step forward two steps back.

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