Statoil launches world's first subsea gas factory

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On Thursday Statoil ASA unveiled the world’s first online subsea gas compression plant located at the Asgard field in the Norwegian Sea. It is a sign that Statoil can meet their goal of setting up a complete processing plant.

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Statoil stated that with this development, recovery carried out in Midgard and Mikkel reservoir will increase while Midgard will be from 67 to 87 percent and Mikkel 59 to 84 percent. This will result in more than 306 million barrels of oil compared to what is being produced from Asgard before.


The project that is estimated to cost $2.3 billion was started in 2005. Additionally, 11 million man hours were expended from the beginning to the end of the project. Statoil restated that not less than 40 new technologies have been produced and acquired as part of setting up the plant.

EI Creative cropCompression is a method of producing oil or gas from the field when the natural pressure in the reservoir goes down. Recently compression plants have been set up on platforms or onshore, however, this new plant is 1,000 feet under water.
Furthermore, Statoil’s models have been designed in such a way that it will be more energy-efficient than the earlier topside solutions in order to improve recovery. The firm stated that the models lower carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption over a long period.

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Statoil has accumulated over 500 subsea wells that increased their recent production to 50 percent; they are planning to use subsea processing systems and subsea gas compression in its subsequent expansion.

Margareth Øvrum, EVP for Technology said subsea gas compression technology is for the future and that it is a sign we are stepping up towards achieving a subsea processing factory.

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