Stuck In the Middle: Texas Energy Costs Ranked Against Other States

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According to a WalletHub study, when it comes to energy costs, Texas is just…average. The study took all fifty states into account.

Against the other fifty, Texas ranked number 28 on the list. Texans pay roughly $289 each month on energy. According to WalletHub, this includes electricity, fuel for the family car, the cost of natural gas, and the average monthly cost of home heating-oil.

WalletHub also reported Texas to have the eight most expensive state electric bills, averaging about $155 each month. As for fueling the car, Texas ranked 26th most expensive with an average of $110 being dropped for gas each month.

The top four most expensive states for energy prices were all on the east coast of the country. Connecticut takes the lead with Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont rounding out the top four. The state of Washington was the last on the list, the least expensive.

July is easily one of the warmest months for Texas. The forecast for next week features four straight days of 100-degree weather. Researchers estimate between 5 and 22 percent of Americans’ monthly budget being assigned to energy. WalletHub also reports that it is America’s poorest citizens that usually end up paying more for their energy.

WalletHub writes, “Where we live and how much energy we use make up a larger part of the math,” the group continued, “Electricity might be cheap in Southern Louisiana, for instance, but its scorching summer weather could still result in higher costs for its residents than the temperate climate in more energy-expensive Northern California, where heating and cooling units stay idle most of the year.”

Article written by HEI contributor Briana Steptoe.

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