US shale drillers are warned of spies by FBI

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With the high production of shale reserves in the US, many foreign companies are wanting some inside know how about the secrets of shale extraction technology and data. These international organizations may also be backed by their governments and use their agents to bribe and steal highly secret documents that are solely in the custody of US government.

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Last week the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) personally called upon national and international oil exploration companies operating in different states to have a meeting in San Antonio. Not only the head staff but the field officers operating at the sites were also invited and attended the conference. Counterintelligence specialists from the crime department led the meeting and deeply informed the respected participants about the outcomes of one being involved in such activities. The representative bodies of the oil and gas companies were fully made aware of the threat of economic spying. The FBI showed the participants some real facts and examples to make them understand the process of prosecuting the economic spying and espionage.

News correspondents from the conference reported that FBI official Charles Kable made a very clear statement regarding the danger of stealing national data, property and trading facts. According to him, a real threat is at our doorsteps, and we must counter it with support from inside the industry.

China is always trying to boost its economy, which is encouraged by strict government mandates to do so. The country is keeping an eye on the shale and natural gas reserves of its competitor, America. It’s their first interest to get a hand on the shale and natural gas excavation technologies. China contains large shale reserves but remains the world’s top oil importer. US companies are not ready to invest in China because of government policies requiring investors to give the local government half the share and the access to the technology they are using.

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Since the US has some of the world’s best drilling technology, American firms are mostly targeted for the stealing of sensitive data either in the form of bribery, hacking or by the use of spying. It must be kept in mind that in 2012, two Chinese nationals were caught trying to get hands on some of the sensitive material related data by bribing an officer. Both of the Chinese nationals were caught red handed and were designated to incarceration and deportation from the US after paying a heavy fine of $280,000 USD in total.

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