Wood Group Threatens Staff with Legal Proceedings Over Social Media Posts


Wood Group has just reached an all time low when it comes to staff relations. The company who has took a media bashing over the last few weeks after more pay cuts and job losses were announced has posted a business bulletin to all staff.

The bulletin from Lesley de Jager, WGPSN Central P&O Director was addressed to all staff in Wood Groups central region. The bulletin which Oil and Gas People found posted online, says:

Social media and public forums

“Over the past few months we have been disappointed to see confidential corporate communications being posted on social media and defamatory comments linked to the company, shared on public forums.

“Communicating on social media or any other public forum to criticise the company is not acceptable and we will consider pursuing disciplinary action. Any employee who makes a defamatory statement about the company, or any of its employees or directors or commits any other malicious act, may also find themselves subject to legal proceedings.”

The business update goes on to warn employees of an increased security risk from unofficial protests and demonstrations and goes on to warn employees of that unofficial industrial action will result in disciplinary action.

One employee hit back on social media saying “I cant believe what I just read, Wood Group are treating us like vile animals they are turning every single employee against them with round after round of cuts, job losses and yet more cuts. If they cant take a public bashing then they should stop treating their workforce the way they are.”

Another employee on a Shell installation told Oil and Gas People that Wood Group have just fueled the fire towards industrial action.

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