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Houston Energy Insider (HEI) is looking for writers with a focus on the energy industry. We would like to work with analysts, investors, industry professionals, journalists, etc… (we are not looking to work with SEO companies).

Why contribute your talents to HEI?

  • We have a global presence of visitors in the oil and gas industry
  • Contributors may have their own page with bio and backlinks to promote their services, business, or professional brand

What topics are we looking for?

We are looking for original articles that cover all energy topics and sectors from fossil fuels to alternative technologies.
We prefer fundamental analysis style pieces for the financial articles but we will also look at technically focused work.

If your work is thoroughly researched and well written and falls outside the scope listed above, we will still consider it if we feel our readers can benefit from the information.

How can I become a contributor?

Please complete the form below and let our editors know a little about yourself and your work. If you are a fit, we will be in touch with more information about setting you up as a writer and additional benefits we offer writers.

How can I ensure my articles will be published?

If your article is well researched, original and relevant to our audience, then it will probably be published. The content should be on topic, original and non-offensive. It also should not be self-promotional.

Who owns copyright for submitted articles?

As the writer, you retain the copyright to the article. You assign to us First World Serial Rights, which means that your contributions must be your own original work and not published elsewhere. However, once the contribution appears on Houston Energy Insider, you are free to permit your work to appear elsewhere.

We may also edit your article, by changing the title and making minor changes to the text to appeal to our readers and give improved search engine visibility without materially changing the sense of what is written. (This is very rare though.)

In submitting your content you warrant that the work is your own and does not include any material in which any third party owns any intellectual property rights.

Can I copy someone else’s article from another website to submit here?

All submissions must be your own original work. Any articles found to be copies from somewhere else will be deleted without notice. Please only submit your own original articles.

Write for Us