7 ways to generate free renewable energy at home

electricity generation at home

Have you ever thought of how expensive your power bills are getting every day?

With growing number of appliances and equipment in your home, the expenses can only go up with time.

But there are many ways in which you can produce renewable energy at home by using any of the following seven renewable sources of energy to meet all your demands and more.

Source1- Solar Panels

You can assemble solar panels at home by using a simple set of procedures. All you need are set of polycrystalline plates, a soldering gun, and a testing meter apart from a storage battery and connecting wires from the output to the battery and further to your home.

You will also need a metal frame on which you can solder the plates.

Weld the plates onto the frame in serial sequence in one line. The numbers of lines determine the number of parallel connections.

Take the final plate’s output and connect them to a storage battery. You can determine the capacity based on your specific requirements.

Install the panels over the roof and the battery in the nearest room. Now you can draw the power from the battery and connect them to lighting, heating, and cooking equipment in your home. Check your next power bill to see how much you have saved.

Source 2-Windmill

DIY Windmill is a fantastic and easy way to generate renewable energy at home. The things you need are power generator unit, battery, control panel, fan blades, and a mounting system which you need to install on the rooftop.

Of course, you will also require power cables and switches for connections. 

You can construct the blade with the help of PVC or ABS sheets. You need to shape the bales in such a way that the blowing wind can rotate them.

Do the assembly and connect the blades on a hub and wire them to the generator motor.

Next step is to connect the motor to the storage battery. Then you can connect the battery onto the control panel and the output cables. After installation it can work to generate power for lighting, heating, cooking, and other simple needs.

Source 3 – Biogas Generator

What if you could convert the garden and food waste into renewable source of energy? You can create a homemade biogas plant with the help of a small plant, a battery, control panel, and few cables.

You need to dig a pit of 3’X3’X3’ dimension and seal the sides with concrete.  Fill the pit with garden and food waste. Pour some composting agent.

Connect the power output to the pit and close it with a solid lid. You can connect it directly to the storage battery and to the main .alternate power inlet to your home supplies.

It may take about two or three for the mini-plant to start generating energy. You can renew it by refilling the pit regularly with waste after cleaning.

Source 4 – Mini Hydro Plant

Gas powered boiler can generate renewable energy that can also be used for heating your home. The things you need are a gas powered boiler, a generator, a battery, control panel, and wires.

Connect the boiler to the generator and then onto the storage battery. Output from the battery can go to the main supplies of your home.

Fill the boiler with water, close the lid and use the fuel to boil it consistently. It can power the generator which in turn generates the energy for your home needs.

Source 5- Mini Thermal Plant

If you can get cheap firewood from the woods in your neighborhood, you can create a mini thermal plant for generating renewable energy.

The DIY thermal generator assembly can be connected to the wood burning stove at one end and a storage battery on the other end.

It takes a bit of effort to create and assembly, but it is worth the effort, since the fuel can keep running the generator consistently to generate sufficient power for your home needs.

The fuel unit consists of a steel thermoelectric generator into which you can feed the wood. The burner can connect to a power output source which connects to the battery.

Source-6-Bicycle Generator

Did you ever know that the old bicycle in your home can generate renewable energy for your simple needs?

The things you need are a stand, a motor, a diode, battery, inverter, and connecting cables.

Install the hind wheel of your bicycle onto a stand. Use a belt to connect the wheel to the motor. Using a diode, you can connect it to a battery and then onto an inverter. Now, the connection is complete.

Once you start pedaling your bicycle, the power generation can start. You can use the generator for small home needs like cooking and heating.

Source-7-Geothermal Generator

 You can use the ground source at your home for generating power. The things you require are a collector loop, a ground heat source, heat pump, a generator, a battery, and an inverter.

Install the geothermal heat pump at an appropriate place in your home. You can take the help of professional electricians to perform the task.

Then you need to get it connected to the battery and the inverter. Power from the source can be used for heating, cooking, lighting, and other simple needs.


The seven renewable energy sources are inexpensive, easy to install and maintain, and green. The thermal plant could cause a bit of pollution, but the volume is negligible since the ratio of fuel usage and heat usage is considerably high.

You can use the DIY methods to design and install the systems or take the help of a professional for doing it. Ultimately, you will get the benefits from the renewable sources.

Practically, you can check the energy bills you get from the day of installation. You will be surprised to observe considerable savings that are regular.

You can also recommend your wonderful inventions to your friends in the neighborhood.  They will be glad to follow your suggestions and save on energy bills every month.